$1,000/month two-bedrooms in Clinton Hill!

Home, cheap home. via Myrtle Avenue Partnership
This could be home, cheap home. via Myrtle Avenue Partnership

We tend to vascillate between telling you real estate is a lost cause and then telling you things like hey, look at this one exception. Well, today we’re on the positive side of the equation, because DNA Info reports that yet more affordable housing is coming to Clinton Hill! A new building at 490 Myrtle Avenue is offering up 19 units to the affordable housing lottery. That means $1,064 two-bedrooms, $877 one-bedrooms and $816 studios. Hey, maybe you can get married and move out, after all. 

Amenities include gym, bike-storage, coin-operated laundry, a straight up vegetable garden, and reflecting pools with cabanas. What? Amazing. It sure sounds too good to be true, but if it’s on this official document then it must be so. DNA Info also reports that the ground floor will have a TD Bank and a Key Foods. You might never have to leave your building again.

There’s no application fee and no broker’s fee for this building. Eligibility is determined by income, so if your combined income is between $38,500 and $41,500/year, you’re in luck. Or are you trying to live alone? Studios for $816 and one-bedrooms for $877 are unheard of for living-alone prices, and you can apply for one with as much as $36,300 in yearly income.

Applications are due June 11, so you’ve got time to figure out if this is the move you wanna make. It’s hard to see why you wouldn’t wanna make this move, though. You could live off the G train at Clinton-Washington, a stone’s throw from the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges for all your bike-commuting needs, and have every basic human need at your fingertips.

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  1. D G S

    This is all well and good… but what if you’re a middle class resident of Brooklyn that makes a decent salary? Where’s my affordable opportunity for brand new housing? Where’s the brand new construction for those that pay taxes and make between $50-100k? Why do I need to live in a less desirable area to get an updated apartment, or live in a dump to live in a more desirable area?

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