WHAT?!?! $689/month 1-bedroom apartments in Williamsburg

59 frost street
Will Williamsburg still be standing when you get picked to live here though? via NY YIMBY

Rent! You hate paying it, but you have to if you’re going to keep legally occupying a residential space. So you suck it up and give half your paycheck to your landlord every month. Buck up though, because check it out: a new affordable housing development (59 Frost Street) is taking applications in Williamsburg and they have $640/month studios, $689/month 1-bedrooms and $835/month 2-bedrooms. Holy crap, that’s definitely worth living in Williamsburg, all things considered.

As always with these magical cheap apartments, you gotta have your shit in order if you have any chance of actually getting one of these places if you make it through the lottery alive. This place at 59 Frost Street sounds pretty good though, what with indoor bike parking, a laundry room and a community room where you can the other lucky lottery winners can high five and have drinks every night.

For the very cheapest apartments, there’s one studio, four 1-bedrooms and 10 2-bedrooms, but buck up. There are still 24 cheapish apartment for you to try to snag, that range from $785/month to $1,395/month. Given that the average rent in Williamsburg is $2,558/month, your friends might actually literally get so jealous they start planning your murder if you get one of these apartments. Don’t worry about that though, instead just worry about fitting between the earning requirements ($23,623/year – $67,100/year) and getting an application in by December 22. Then you can worry about getting a decent alarm system and watching your back.


  1. Yes. I’m glad that us Brooklyn residents (for over 30yrs) can (if we get lucky) finally be able to afford a place in our own neighborhoods. Enough with the buying us out and making room for the hipsters who look at us like we’re from Mars. Not all the Brooklyn-born are wild criminals, drug dealers on welfare or 2 dollar prostitutes; there are teachers like myself and half of my friends who can’t afford this ridiculous $2000+ rent. It is so sad.

  2. “Affordable” housing in this city is a joke. These would be very reasonably priced apartments– if the income requirements had an extra digit. Who is making up the budgeting for “affordable” housing?

  3. I’m disappointed in this article, specifically the “watch your back portion.” As this article tried to sell the property that is intended for low wage earning families, it also notes “watch your back.” Apologies, but no one asked for you (the writer) to move into a neighborhood that doesn’t want to be gentrified and furthermore to associate low income family with the sentence “watch you back” is offensive. You should really evaluate this article and the comment mentioned. stereotyping is what republicans do. #imjustsaying

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