Hi five, football fan! The Jets’ pain is your gain

It’s been a tough season for Gang Green. via FARK

It’s been a tough season for the Jets, from owner Woody Johnson taking a loss in the presidential election to the continued irrelevancy of human meme Tim Tebow to failed media boycotts. Their 4-6 record barely tells the story of the year, not nearly as much as this fact does: tickets to a Thanksgiving game against their arch-rival New England Patriots are selling for as low as $31¬†on ticket resale websites.

Football tickets are notoriously expensive, and the ones getting resold are no different, coming up at over $120 a seat for the same sections on the Jets’ official website. Especially considering that live football gives you the chance to experience the cold and wind and waiting around that the players do, blowing a week’s pay for the chance to see your breath and get sexually harassed sounds completely insane. It’s different when you’re paying a 75 percent markdown for the experience though. Don’t want to sit up in the nosebleeds? Seats that are going for hundreds of dollars on the official NFL ticket exchange can be found for under $200.

And if you’re in New York for Thanksgiving, what better way to remind yourself how thankful you are that you have a job that doesn’t require you to out your physical safety on the line 40 times a day?

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