Hey, you might actually be able to afford to see Jay-Z

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Taking it to his stash spot. Via Global Grind.

As Spike Lee said in this interview when asked about the Barclays Center: “it’s up, it’s a reality, and that’s just that. It’s here; you have to deal with it.” Spike says one of the positives of that rusty looking monstrosity is that Jay-Z is going to christen it with a big concert in September. Now The Local reports Jay has added two more shows for a full three-night run Sept. 28-30. But even more surprising, the tickets are actually kind affordable (unlike, say, some other performers). The cheapest seats are $30, which works out to $37 with fees and such. But still, not too shabby for a guy who brags about owning an $890 blazer.

Tickets go on sale this Friday at noon. The venue does appear to be offering quite a few tickets in the under $40 range. The rest of the tickets run up to $282, which is the kind of seat you drive your Maybach into.

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