This is how much it costs to see Barbra Streisand in Brooklyn

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No schlep till Brooklyn.

Now that MCA died, We’ll never know how much it would have cost to see the rumored Beastie Boys show at the new Barclay’s Center, but we do know how much it will cost to see another Brooklyn native perform there. Pre-sale tickets went on sale at 3pm today for Barbra Streisand’s concert at the stadium on Oct. 11 and they will cost you between (ready?) $104 for the “cheapest” seats to a verklempting $716 for the best ones (fees included).

The other price levels are $385 and $171. We tooled around on Ticketmaster about as much as we care about Babs, which is not very much, but it looks like the pre-sale tix may have all been snatched up by eager fans already … maybe your grandmothers on Long Island who are very clearly not going to leave you any money in their wills any more? The rest of the tix go on sale May 21.

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  1. I’ve spent even more to see Barbra and she’s always worth it. I paid nearly $400 yesterday for one ticket and will happily travel to Brooklyn (from Florida) for another chance to watch the greatest star — LIVE!

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