Help make this LEGO version of the Brooklyn Bridge a reality

I've got tiny pieces of a bridge to sell you. Via Cuusoo.
I’ve got tiny pieces of a bridge to sell you. Via Cuusoo.

We know that “put a bridge on it” is the Brooklyn version of “put a bird on it,” but this is one place where the Brooklyn Bridge seems long overdue for some representation: LEGOS. A designer has pitched a LEGO set featuring the world’s most famous (ya heard me, Golden Gate) bridge, and one of the oldest suspension crossings, complete with arches, lanes and water. You can help make it happen: the design is up for voting on the LEGO site Cuusoo, which is essentially the block-builder company’s version of Kickstarter, without the money part. If it gets enough votes, you just might find this gentrifying toystores across the country!

According to Wikipedia, projects on Cuusoo need 10,000 votes to become a reality. So far, the Brooklyn Bridge one has … 40, so it’s got a ways to go. But hey, the actual Brooklyn Bridge wasn’t built in a day, right? Because if it were it would be horribly unsafe. Past Cuusoo projects that have made the cut include this Back to the Future Delorean.

The person who is pitching it is a serious LEGO nerd, according to his Reddit profile. It is unclear if the set comes with 1,000 tiny LEGO tourists who stop every 10 feet in front of you to take pictures as you try to build the damn thing.

So if this is something you’d like to give to your bebe Brooklynites, go forth and vote for it.

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