Hey now, you’re a Broke star

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Here’s a show we can really get behind: It’s called Broke. It’s in Brooklyn. And tickets are on a sliding scale. Plus it’s hosted by John DeVore (left), the comedian Time Out called a “notorious roué.” (Did you know what it meant?) DeVore, a Maxim Radio talker, will be interviewing audience members about their “tales of surviving, hustling and thriving.” Anyone game enough to volunteer should expect some curveballs. DeVore’s repertoire veers from the beer-sex-gadget beat to wicked political satire (he was a co-creator of the Bush-era parody site, whitehouse.org) Plus his word for the global financial what-have-you is the Hobopocalypse. At least we don’t need a dictionary for that one. Saturday, May 23 at 10:30 p.m. at the Brick Theater, 575 Metropolitan Avenue between Lorimer Street and Union Avenue, 718-907-6189.


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