Hey (news) geniuses: Show how much news you know and win a free bar tab tonight

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Why is this man crying? If you know, you could win a bar tab tonight.

Have you been paying attention to the news, like some kind of nerd. Why, nerd, think there’s gonna be a quiz on it or something? Actually, in this instance, news nerds will get the last laugh, because to celebrate the launch of their news-annotating service News Genius, the Rap Genius folks are hosting a trivia night tonight at The West (379 Union Avenue). First prize? Unlimited bar tab, paid for in startup fun money (which is real money).

A Very News Genius Trivia Night, tonight at 9pm, will challenge you to reach back in that overstuffed skull of yours to remember what’s been happening in the world these past few weeks. You and up to three teammates will compete in current events-based trivia, all so that the first place team can drink themselves silly. Of course, there’s still something to coming in second and third place too, as those teams get a $50 and $30 bar tab, respectively. Teams will also get $25 for each round they win, and there’ll be shoutout rounds between the first and second round, so bring someone with a loud voice, because a correct answer there gets your team a round of shots. All in all, sounds as good a way to spend an evening using all tha that knowledge you’ve been saving up, before obliterating your ability to retain some that night.

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