Hey, good news: the Greenpoint ferry should be back this week

greenpoint ferry
Won’t this be a welcome sight in Greenpoint. via Facebook

Hey, remember that whole looming G train shutdown that Greenpoint residents have been staring down the barrel of since the start of the summer? It’s almost here, which combined with the collapsed dock for the Greenpoint stop on the East River Ferry was gonna mean chaos reigns in Greenpoint. Looks like that fate is about to be averted though, because DNA Info reports that the dock ¬†should be up and running by next Friday, before the shutdown starts next Saturday.

Instead of having to take a shuttle to the ferry stop in Williamsburg, Greenpoint residents will be able to board the ferry at their spiffy new ferry dock. Yep, a whole brand new dock, so you won’t have to worry about falling into the East River and swallowing whatever gross stuff is floating around in it. The city let the company in charge of the ferry, RedSky Capital, build another dock while the investigation into what exactly went wrong with the old one finishes up, and RedSky is saying that the dock should be up and running by Friday. So buck up, Greenpointers. Sure you’ll still have to go to work, but at least you’ll be able to fantasize about having a life on the seas while you’re on the way there.

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