Here’s a depressing infographic about New York City’s rent crisis

brooklyn rent
This, always this. Photo by Rachel DeLetto

Despite the many stories about New York’s unaffordable real estate, and the clamoring for Mayor Tall’s housing plan that’s supposed to come out on Thursday, you might hate reading and therefore aren’t aware of how bad our housing mess is. The Furman Center realizes this, so they’ve laid it out for you in a handy, depressing infographic that goes into numbers like 600,000 New Yorkers are severely rent-burdened, or how even a rookie firefighter and his substitute teacher bride can afford less than half of New York City’s housing stock. And yeah, we need firefighters and substitute teachers. So, look at these pictures, and either decide to feel powerless or start calling Mayor de Blasio’s office and tell him to release his damn housing plan already.


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