Affordable, sliding-scale therapy options in BK and Manhattan

'Help yourself' to these affordable, sliding-scale therapy options in Brooklyn and Manhattan
Cartoon by Ward Sutton, via the New Yorker

I grew up thinking that therapy was for rich people who didn’t have decent enough friends or family to complain to about their miniscule problems. I could talk to my parents about almost anything, my friends were there when I needed them, and my sister is the patron saint of listening. Ah, privilege in hindsight is 20/20.

Then I was walking home one night in Brooklyn, and was hit by a car. This caused severe PTSD and many levels of anxiety, and I found my non-believing self in therapy each week. I realized it didn’t matter that I had a solid support system; therapy could be an essential self-maintenance tool.

But even with someone else’s insurance company footing the bills, therapy is damn expensive. So as I consider going back to therapy basically ever day, I’ve reached out to friends, coworkers, and therapists to compile this list of institutions that offer affordable therapy in Brooklyn.

I’ve also included a few in Manhattan, for those of you with a monthly Metrocard. You know I’m not about to spend that soon-to-be $3 on public transportation.


Brooklyn Center for Psychotherapy & New Directions
300 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11217
Cost: $60 intake appointment, $50-60 sliding scale for everyone (in-network your copay may be less)

Located in North Slope on Flatbush Avenue, they offer therapy for all age levels in both English and Spanish. While most medical insurance is accepted, they get points for accepting Medicaid/Medicare and setting service fees on a sliding scale.

The Jewish Board
Locations Throughout Brooklyn
Cost: $68 initial assessmnet, sliding scale $20+ based on income

From Bay Ridge to Boro Park, practicing in a variety of languages from Russian to Farsi, The Jewish Board has mental health clinics throughout Brooklyn and beyond, providing services for people of all backgrounds at low costs.

Kings County Hospital Center (and public hospitals in general)
451 Clarkson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11203
Cost: $15-20/sesson

Every public hospital in New York has a clinic for mental health, and it’s worth checking your local hospital out for more information. Kings County Hospital is rather centrally located, and their Behavioral Health Center offers adult psychotherapy on a sliding scale.


Never gets old. By Danny Shanahan for the New Yorker
Cartoon by Danny Shanahan, for the New Yorker


National Institute for the Psychotherapies
250 W. 57th St., Ste 501
New York, NY 10107

Located near Columbus Circle, this facility “take[s] the worries out of affording therapy.” Though they don’t take Medicaid/Medicare, at your initial consultation they’ll assess your ability to pay on a sliding scale, and they’ll also never turn anyone away. Students receive discounts as well.

Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy
1841 Broadway, 4th fl.
New York, NY 10023

Also located by Columbus Circle, boasting patients of a diverse ethnic, economic, and employment backgrounds. It also features a wing focused on gender and sexuality, making it a queer friendly institution. Fees are determined on a sliding scale during an intake interview, with large student discounts also as low as $35/session.
Even though you may be dying to gab away at drunch about your latest work crush, try saving a buck or two so you can bring your crippling anxiety issues to a mental health professional at one of these institutions. Life is short, and we need all the help we can get.

Did we miss any? Let us know where you’ve found affordable therapy in the comments section below! 

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  1. There are two more in Manhattan to add – The New School Psychotherapy Program is operated by the Clinical Psychology Program at the New School. and offers short-term therapy – Sessions are $20

    And the Brief Psychotherapy Program and Mount Sinai / Beth Israel – provides low-cost, specialized treatment for various emotional and interpersonal difficulties of a longstanding nature, including problems with anxiety and depression – sessions are $30-$50

    • Most psychotherapy offices can refer you to a trusted psychiatrist, but you will not see them working in the same office unless it is a medical clinic. If you go to a hospital for psychotherapy, they will be more likely have a psychiatrist onsite.

  2. Training Institute for Mental Health (TIMH) – psychoanalytic style of therapy. Offers individual, couples, and family therapy starting at $30.

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