Help us pick the gifts for our ’25 under $25′ Christmas gift guide!

santa claus
Santa and Mrs. Claus are looking for some help filling out out gift list. Photo by Sarah Gainer

In case you couldn’t tell by the rapidly falling temperatures or the (eek!) Christmas decorations strung up in some neighborhoods, Christmas time is almost here. And aside from the bullshit like brotherhood towards man and the celebration of the birth of a sandal-wearing revolutionary hippie, it also means everyone gets a whole lot of stuff. We’re excited about the stuff, as usual, so we’re very excited to announce we’re bringing back our ’25 Gifts Under $25′ guide. But if Santa and his lovely wife, Mrs. Claus, (pictured above) are going to stuff every good broketster’s stocking with awesome gifts, we need your help in suggesting what they should give people.

Just like in our 2011 and 2012 gift guides, we want to recommend the best Brooklyn-based gifts we possibly can, so that you can give them to your loved ones, and tolerated ones, for those of you who don’t have the capacity to love. So what kind of cool things have you seen that are made in Brooklyn, represent the best of the borough?

We don’t need everything to be precious handmade artisan whatsis, we’re perfectly happy telling people to buy an awesome t-shirt, a book, or something incredibly weird like teeth pushpins or space-themed nail art. If it’s $25 or less, represents BK awesomeness and can be grabbed in time for Christmas, leave your suggestion in the comments or shoot a line to dave [AT] After all, if we run with something you’ve had your eye on anyway, you can leave the post on someone’s Facebook wall as a hint to what you want to be “surprised” with.


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