25 gifts under $25, No. 13: Chewly amazing push pins

It’s the honest to god tooth, we love these

You know what’s a boring but necessary part of any home? Push pins. Your choices are sold grey thumb tacks or pins that have a little color but no flair. And yet you’re at their mercy to hang things like posters or keep bills organized on a corkboard. So what’s surprising about these wisdom teeth push pins from Life: Curated is that no one has tried something like this before. They work from an aesthetic standpoint, considering that they really do look like teeth, and they’re great for bullshitters too. Seriously, if you have one of those friends who just loves to screw with people’s heads, you know you can see him saying, “Oh those? Yeah, when I got my wisdom teeth out, I asked the dentist to save them for me. I dunno, I just couldn’t bear to let them go. Go ahead, touch one.” Or are we the only ones with friends like that? $6 for a set of 6, available here

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