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New York Times coffee shop map ignores basically all of Brooklyn

new york times coffee map
Come on guys

Coffee. New York loves coffee and the Times is ON it. There’s nothing wrong with an article looking at the rise of people around here appreciating coffee and the response to it in the market. There is however, something wrong with the Times then publishing an interactive map letting you know where to get great coffee and leaving out huge swathes of Brooklyn that aren’t Williamsburg. Sounds like someone is getting a loogie in their latte if they come to Bed-Stuy.

Beyond their Brooklyn slights, the Times says there’s no good coffee in Bronx and Staten Island and a whole three good coffee shops in Queens. We’ll leave it to someone else to stand up for those slighted boroughs, and focus instead on the Times view of coffee shops around here. According to the Times’ map, you can’t find good coffee in Brooklyn in Prospect Heights, Sunset Park or Bed-Stuy. Nor in Bay Ridge, Crown Heights, Kensington, Red Hook, Gowanus, Flatbush, Midwood, Bensonhurt, Windsor Terrace or DUMBO. Hell, as it is, half of the Brooklyn coffee shops on the map are in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, and you’ll probably look and see your favorite place to get a damn good cup of coffee isn’t in the roundup.

Now, there are two ways to solve this. One is, you could give us your favorite places in the comments, and we can just make our own damn map. The other is to start collecting used coffee cups from all of your favorite places, and write the name and address on the outside of the cups and sending them to the Times in a big box. Which would be immature and expensive, but also really funny. Let us know which one you’d rather do in the comments!


      • David Colon

        Before we have a comment war, I will point out that I put a headline on there that suggested what Chris said. It’s what I get for writing headlines while I’m hungry.

      • The crazy thing is that Greenpoint/W’burg have at least double the number of coffee shops represented on the map.

        Also, Variety is a lousy coffee shop. The coffee is meh and the service is the rudest anywhere.

  1. Emily

    This is galling and everything but man, Queens got shafted MUCH worse. There are apparently only THREE places in the whole borough to get good coffee, two of which are in LIC, and those two are the same company.

  2. Seth Rosenblum

    Seriously? Not even Brooklyn Roasting Company?

    I’d definitely also add Cinnamon Girl and Dough in bed-stuy, though they aren’t as egregious.

  3. robin

    The most appalling part is not even that they left out other boroughs, but that basically every coffee shop mentioned in the main article was within walking distance from the NYT office building. Great reporting.

    PS – shoutouts to Sit & Wonder, Penny House Cafe, Little Zelda, Breukelyn Coffee, Glass Shop, Lazy Ibis, and Joyce Bakeshop who have all provided delicious coffee and workspace at one time or another.

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