Help moderate the Freecycle circus of schwag

Craigslist is kind of a untamed jungle of free stuff on the internet, while cousin Freecycle is more of a curated circus of free schwaggery. If you’re a loyal Freecyclist, the site wants you to help ringmaster its vast array of wanted, takenand claimed goods. Brooklyn moderator Leonna writes: “With over 29,000 members I think it is time I get more help. So I am looking for 50-80 more moderators.” The requirement is at least a year as Brooklyn Freecycle member. Interested? Contact Leonna through this post (members only) with the subject line “I would like to be a Moderator.” You have to follow these dos and don’ts for moderators. Current Freecycle offerings, btw: an assortment of samples from Clinique and Lancome, bunk beds in East NY and tiki torches (with lighter fluid) in Prospect Heights.

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