Help bring the 2015 NBA All Star game to Brooklyn

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Finally, you can see some good basketball at Barclays

Now that Brooklyn has a professional sports team again, it’s about time it starts getting some bonus sporting events to go with it. And now, we’re not talking about hilarious baffling playoff misfires, we’re talking about the NBA All Star Game. It’s coming to New York one way or another in 2015, which means it’s either Barclays or the Garden. Want to see what happens when an all-star game descends on Brooklyn? You can help make it happen.

Some mysterious group (that likes pointing out James Dolan’s shortcomings) is circulating a petition demanding that the NBA choose Brooklyn over Manhattan for the annual winter exhibition game. We support the idea, because we think everyone should come to Brooklyn, except maybe Billy Corgan. And while the game being here would probably¬†make the normal traffic snarl downtown look like a quiet suburban town on a Sunday, think of the potential benefits. Kevin Durant just showing up to play bocce at Union Hall because you invited him! Dwight Howard discovering¬†Scott Pilgrim at Desert Island Comics! Me getting the chance to explain to J.R. Smith my theory on him being my spirit animal! Hell, even Carmelo Anthony’s stylist is setting up shop in Brooklyn, so it would allow every other player who wants to look like the NBA’s fly-as-hell leading scorer to just walk up to Bed-Stuy and get decked out.

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