Help a reader out! Travis needs a new tire

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A flat tire, but not Travis's. Photo by June Shieh.

We can’t resist any email with a subject line of “Help Me, Savior Brokelyn”—though we’re fine with “Bless Us, Your Eminence” too—and signs off with Love, [Person’s Name]. Reader Travis clearly needs your help, Brokelyn hive mind, so please let’s have some of those great tips that we love you for in the comments! Travis, take it away…

So I woke up this morning, hoping to simply move my car and avoid an alternate side parking ticket. What did I find? A flat tire…one that I can’t afford to replace. Thankfully I had a donut in my trunk, however I have no idea where to get my tire fixed. Do you folks know any good, reliable, trustworthy and cheap tire folks in the Clinton Hill/Fort Greene area? I’d love to just get my flat fixed, end of story. If I have to buy a brand new tire, then so be it. I just hope my friends at Brokelyn can help me out a bit.


  1. If anyone’s going to help you, it’s going to be Errol at Errol’s Auto Repair on Willoughby and Skillman. He does general auto repair and doesn’t overcharge. It’s worth going to him to see what he can do. He’s also the best man alive. He fixed my buddy Andy’s truck and still had the spare key for a week after – and moved Andy’s truck when he forgot to for street cleaning. And that’s only the beginning:

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