Hello, modern age: Twitter’s looking for a news and journalism head

Let's just hope they don't give this gig to Luke Russert (via Be The Change, Inc.'s flickr)
Let’s just hope they don’t give this gig to Luke Russert (via Be The Change, Inc.’s flickr)

It’s no secret that Twitter’s turned into a primary (if occasionally misleading) news resource in this Age of Information. But while the social media site’s been more of a crowdsourced updates in the past, it appears it’s upping it’s game: Twitter just posted an ad looking for a Head of News and Journalism, and they plan to use this position to “shape and drive the next growth phase of Twitter’s partnership with the news industry.” YOU IN?

It appears the point of this job is to help curate the news that shows up on Twitter feeds, and to establish relationships with other journalists to keep news rolling in with consistency and accuracy. The position requires at least 15 years of professional journalistic experience, which is a bummer for us freelance newbies, but if you’ve somehow been bouncing around the biz for a while, you’ll be eligible to apply. You should also have 10 years of managerial experience and 5 years “executing strategic partnerships,” or whatever that means, and the position is available out of Twitter’s New York offices or in San Francisco.

Of course, the real question with all of this is, will a more structured system ruin the whole fun news clusterf*ck that’s characterized Twitter so far? (Probably). And shouldn’t this position be open to one of us up-and-coming, freewheeling, Internet-savvy youths? We are the future, after all, and if Twitter’s the future, too, don’t we go hand-in-hand? And how long will it take before this new News Head has his or her own parody account, or accidentally tweets a crotch shot? Only time, and 140 characters can tell.

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