Hell yes: St. Vitus hosting US Air Guitar Championship qualifier

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Are you an awesome guitar player? Sometimes even compared to Yngwie Malmsteen or Sebastian Bach? Well you can sit and spin buddy, because US Air Guitar Championships ain’t for you. They’re for people with imagination. With so much stage presence you believe they’re really rocking a great riff. Now if that’s you, or something you’d enjoy, we’ve got good news for you: a likeminded crowd is gathering at Greenpoint’s St. Vitus tonight for the US Air Guitar Championship Brooklyn Qualifier!

It all goes down tonight at 8pm at St. Vitus (1120 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint). Of course, don’t just show up thinking you can do a little pretend strumming and walk away with the prize. This is a competition that rewards going over the top, and as seen in the above picture, maybe showing a little skin.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to win, you still have a few hours left to sign up for a slot on stage tonight. But it’ll cost you $10, because they don’t want no half steppers. If you’re one of the two best imaginary rockers in the building, you’ll head to the NYC regionals in July to compete on the bigger stage of the Bowery Ballroom. If you just want to watch it all though, the event is as free as the air your breathe. BYO devil horns.

US Air Guitar Championships Brooklyn Qualifier, tonight, 8pm, St. Vitus, 1120 Manhattan Avenue, Greenpoint, $10 entry/FREE to watch

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