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Have you had a chance to listen to Heems’ new solo album from this year, Eat Pray Thug? You should go listen to it right now, it’s great. Before you run to Spotify to load it up though, run to a new tab to RSVP for the free Heems show going down at Northside this summer. And then prepare to run to McCarren Park to see the show, since we imagine that it’s gonna be one of the more popular free shows of the whole festival.

As we know, Northside has some great headliners ready to play you very loud music for four days. You might be the type of person who doesn’t like paying for stuff though, which of course we can appreciate. In that case, you’ve got two great free shows to choose from during Northside. Heems and afro-beat revivalists The Very Best will be rocking the concrete ballfields on North 12th Street on Friday, June 12. As if that’s not enough on its own, Against Me! is headlining an afternoon in the park with a few unannounced special guests on Saturday, June 13.

You can RSVP for one show, for both shows, whatever you want to do really. Just keep in mind that entry isn’t guaranteed with an RSVP, it’s only guaranteed if you’re willing to shell out for a badge. Again though, there’s a lot going on this summer and you can only spend your money on some many different things, so no one’s gonna judge you for making this your freebie.

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