Hearts attack! Love day events roundup

via someeards
wishin you some 3-D love, via someecards

What are you doing to celebrate luuuurve day? Yes, we know some of you will be toasting to amore with some of the finest beers in the borough, thanks to the Brokelyn Beer Book. What if you don’t have an amore to share the love with? Our pals at the skint have put together an excellent and extensive roundup of great events across the city in the next few days, incuding a pajama-clad Meatup at the Bell House (dance floor makeout forecast: 100 percent), dinner deals, high-tech sex seminars and a bunch of places to go to commiserate with the fellow broken-hearted.

Among our favorites: an animal dating and mating program at Prospect Zoo, including a live-animal demo (!!); and a short-movie festival at 3rd Ward with three-minute films all featuring three things: a reference to at least one of the three wise monkeys, a celebrity death and something uncontrollable. Then there’s the un-lovey-dovey stuff, like the Rejection Show at the Bell House and the free Wake for Love and Relationship Obituary open mic at the Knitting Factory.

Check the whole list here.


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