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Heads up, ConEd: Beyonce’s coming to Barclays this summer

via infacinatorinc's flickr
via infacinatorinc’s flickr

Now that Beyonce’s finally proved she’s a magic wizard who can clone herself a million times and kill half the power at the Superdome, she’s taking her act on a national and international tour to spread her magic to the poor, huddled masses. And fear not, Brooklynites, for Queen Bey will not forsake you: she’s slated for an appearance at (of course) Barclays Center this summer! Start your betting among your friends whether she brings Jay-Z on for “03 Bonnie & Clyde” or “Crazy in Love.”

Beyonce will be gracing us mere mortals with a performance at the House That Jay-Z Built on August 3rd, as part of the appropriately-named “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.” Tickets go on sale Monday via Ticketmaster at 10 am – the nosebleed section seats start at $50 and tickets run all the way up to about $250, so it might be time to start selling off some of your organs, or at the very least pick up that fun hostessing job all your friends have been talking about. If you can’t swing a ticket, or if they sell out in the same amount of time Beyonce let the rest of Destiny’s Child perform last night (approximately 12 seconds), it turns out the Postal Service is still a band, and they’re coming to Barclays on June 14. So you can use Ben Gibbard’s voice to drown out your Beyonsadness.

But whether you snag tickets or not, rejoice in the fact that for one brief night you and Beyonce will be in the SAME BOROUGH. Do you think she’ll make a pit stop at Littlefield and pop in as a Punderdome judge?




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