Hawaiian shirt alert: Williamsburg is getting a Trader Joe’s

Aisles of cheap, much grocery. via flickr user Steel Wool
Aisles of cheap, much grocery. via flickr user Steel Wool

Thrifty L-train dwellers, rejoice: no more will you have to make trips across the river just to get to the promised land of cheap groceries. Why? Because Crain’s NY reports that Trader Joe’s is coming to Williamsburg. That’s right. And while there’s no official opening date, it’s enough to drool over the myriad cookie butters, trail mixes and frozen Indian dinners we’ll soon have at our fingertips. All hail the home of royalty-free foodstuffs and toiletries! 

The new TJ’s will be located at 206 Kent Avenue, between North 3rd Street and Metropolitan Avenue. No doubt their near-unbeatable prices will rival those of nearby grocers in the neighborhood, like the Foodtown on North 1st and the Urban Market on Kent (which is a sham of a grocery store, because it is not even remotely cheap).

Sure, there was already a TJ’s in Brooklyn at Court Street; but for all those hungry Brooklynites north of Flushing Avenue, this’ll do just fine. So, look forward to those Hawaiian shirts in the ‘burg very soon! With so many affordable food outlets and familiar grocery stores landing in Brooklyn for your shopping convenience, the only excuse left to take the train to Manhattan anymore will be for 3-buck Chuck. And, of course, if you still wanted to go down there for a rousing game of Spot the Rat.

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