Have we mentioned how much we love Amazing Savings?

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Amazing Savings mock antique kitchen tools, $1.99.

Back when we started this blog way back yonder in 2009, one of our first posts was on the wonders of Midwood’s Amazing Savings, where you can get all kinds of books, toys, dishes, small appliances, crafting gear, gift wrap galore for super cheap. We just went back to the Avenue M location after a decent spell away, and it’s actually gotten better. Now that it’s in a bigger space, there’s more of the stuff we want (kids’ books, brand-name toys, fashion-fun shopping totes, adorable crockpots for one) and less of the stuff we don’t want (unrecognizable kosher dry goods; under-the-sink necessities.) How good are the prices? We did a comparison shop. 

Our mission was toys. Compared against Amazon’s, Amazing Savings’ clobbered the etailer with prices that were nearly half off in every case. And we’re not talking lame-o toys here either: real brand-name stuff. Maybe it’s a post-holiday sell-off, and it’s possible there’s a widespread Hasbro counterfeiting ring that we’re too naive to know about, but what’s a little lead poisoning when you’re paying half? In our experience, the Avenue M location is not only more convenient (a block from the Q train) but more festive and possibly better stocked than McDonald Ave. If you’ve been to the Williamsburg store (we haven’t yet), tell us how it is.

Amazing Savings, 1605 Ave. M, 718-998-2020; 1080 McDonald Ave., (718)-253-2244; 331 Rutlege St., (718) 388-2929.

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  1. The Williamsburg store is similarly amazing. I don’t know about the other location, but this one caters mostly to the Hasidic community. You can expect amazing saving on all the products you love, but little scraps of “censor” paper will be taped over the pictures on pool floats and any other questionable imagery.

  2. Yes it is amazing. You can also go to Antelis Pharmacy (left of the subway exit) to find some great deals, even better prices on food items than Amazing Savings. Rossman Fruits on Avenue M. near Amazing Savings on the corner of East 18th Street, has some good buys too. Might not be organic, but if you carefully look you will find some interesting things. 

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