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Hank’s Saloon now immortalized by a music video

Just your usual day at Hank's where a whole roller derby team does shots together
Just your usual day at Hank’s where a whole roller derby team does shots together

A couple months ago, we clued you in to a music video being shot at Hank’s Saloon, Boerum Hill’s hive of scum and villainy. So what did a cast of volunteer bar patrons and all the free Sixpoint they could drink result in? Just your normal everyday country song about drinking until you’re dead set to a video of roller derby girls, Coney Island freaks and Hank’s inimitable charm.

Do we necessarily agree with the song’s thesis that as you get old you have to slow down your drinking and self-destructive behavior? Not entirely, but if it’s delivered by a group that includes Gotham Roller Derby girls, Insectavora of Coney Island freakshow fame and a dancing Hank’s bartender, maybe we’d consider cutting back on the whiskey shots. Maybe.

If this really is a last hurrah of sorts for Hank’s, it’s as good a send-off as can be for the bar. Someday, when it’s a Buffalo Wild Wings annex where the waitstaff all wear sad Nets jerseys with names on the back changed to wings deals, you’ll be able to watch the video and remember better days. Days when the corner of Third Avenue and Atlantic Avenue hosted a place where the only other guy in the bar bought you shots in between telling off-color jokes, simply because you hated the Bruins too and they’d just blown Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

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