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Free beer and music video shoot at Hank’s today

You'd rather have a two-story Hooters than this?
You’d rather have a two-story Hooters than this?

Hank’s Saloon is becoming more of an incongruous sight in the area around the LIBOR Barclays Center every day. Where bars that want Netsbucks opt for bright and welcoming aesthetic, Hank’s still has painted flames and a dark interior. Which doesn’t send people streaming in the door, if their first plea for help, in the form of a pledge drive was any indication. And now, like the family member who keeps coughing dramatically and telling you this is the end, Hanks is again making noises about this being the end. But, at least you’ll be able to be in a music video and drink free beers.

In a Facebook post announcing the video shoot, Hank’s called it “one of the last ways to document our home, our friends and family.” The post talks about holding off developers and how hard they’re working to do so, but has an aura of exhaustion hanging over it.

And it’s not like they need help guilting people into coming down to the shoot, for a video by Uncle Leon and the Alibis. Because here’s the big news about it: so as to get the crowd riled up and looking like an excited music audience, Sixpoint is going to be giving out free cans of beer for the whole shoot. Yeah, now you want in. The shoot itself is on Tuesday, April 30 from 33:30pm to 7pm. Which, yeah, you should be at work then, but what’s more important: your “job” or drinking free beer while hanging out at one of the weirder spots left in Brooklyn? Yeah, exactly. Tell your boss to suck it and sign up to be in the video here.

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