Hank’s Election Day drink menu is just what you need tonight

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Beelzebub has started early, because a few of his preferred candidates haven’t won. via Facebook

Whether you’ve been paying attention to the 2014 midterms since the day after Election Day 2012 or just started today by reading what someone told you what the experts were saying, there’s no doubt that the election can be a little exhausting. Instead of complaining about it on Twitter, why not do the thing you do to solve all your other problems and just drink your way through it? Hank’s Saloon (46 Third Avenue) has your back if you want to toast to our new Republican overlords or put a tear in your beer for your favorite upstart gubernatorial candidate, with a collection of midterm election drink specials that are all pitch perfect. 


A couple of these are obviously your standard beer and shot specials, though they’re clearly named perfectly. Others though, like the Red Flag and the Flibuster are both named perfectly and go beyond just a shot and beer. These are so good, we wish it could be Election Day every day! Actually, no we don’t, that sounds awful. Beyond the drink specials themselves, Hank’s will also have their bigs screen TV playing election coverage, so you can argue with strangers about the direction of the country. Which is always smart when alcohol is involved.

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