Alert! Hamilton’s cast is doing a free show at Prospect Park’s Broadway series this summer!

Imagine this but a very yuuuuge audience. Via Broadway in Prospect Park
Imagine this but a very yuuuuge audience. Via Broadway in Prospect Park

We’ve been telling you how to finally find a way to see Hamilton this year, from an app that helps you enter the daily lottery to just auditioning to join the damn cast yourself. But here’s a real-world way to get to see the hottest Broadway show that has possibly ever existed. The cast is doing a full show performance for FREE at Prospect Park this summer! It’s on Aug. 27, part of the annual Broadway in The Park series, as a special event honoring the 240th anniversary of the Battle of Brooklyn. We don’t usually write about the series because it’s dreadfully boring (Rock of Ages is still just fancy karaoke, no matter how nice the setting). But obviously Hamilton is the show everyone wants to go to, especially since it’s pissing off whitey lately.

The performers won’t be in full costume (it will be a hot summer night, after all, and those wigs are probably not ventilated), but it’s mostly the same show. The trick to this thing is that you have to get tickets ahead of time, and since it’s such a hot ticket, they’re blocking off the bandshell so you can’t sneak behind it and listen in like you did for Neutral Milk Hotel two years ago. Here’s how to get tickets:

Tickets became available this morning: the 7,000 tickets are first come, first served. They’re doing it old school (aka by phone) to so the website doesn’t crash, so you have to call this number: 646-736-1779 and follow the instructions. And if you get an extra one, it sure would make America great again if you took us. UPDATE: All the tickets have been taken, but to get on the waiting list, click here. 

You should probably jump on this because, have you tried entering that Hamilton lottery ever? The odds of winning the Powerball are better (though the odds of Trump becoming president are maybe slightly higher).

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