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This new free app makes winning ‘Hamilton’ tix (a little bit) easier

Wake up. Go to work. Check if you won. That's all it takes, with the new HamApp. via Facebook
Wake up. Go to work. Check if you won. That’s all it takes, with the new HamApp. via Facebook

Have you seen Hamilton yet? Everyone’s talking about Hamilton. I hear it’s even better than [insert long-running Broadway show].

If you’re as tired of the phrases above as I am, then you probably also haven’t seen Hamilton yet. And if you’re as desperate as I am to see the hit Broadway show that’s already sold out for the next six months, then you’ll probably be happy (as I was) to discover that entering the daily lottery just got a whole lot easier with this neat app called the Ham Lottery App. It might be your best chance to see the play short of becoming the president. 

The new Ham Lottery App is free in the app store for iPhones and Android devices (update: it’s only available for iPhone).  It’s essentially an assistant that helps you enter the daily lottery for $10 Hamilton tickets, your only real world chance of getting a ticket that doesn’t involve spending $830 for “resale” (ie SCALPED) tickets on Ticketmaster.

Here’s how it works: you’ll be reminded every day when the Hamilton lottery opens with a push notification which, when tapped, takes you directly to the show’s lottery entry website.


A screenshot of the app's home page.
A screenshot of the app’s home page.

It also works with the website to auto-fill your personal information every time you enter, paring down that chore to less than five seconds. Neat, right? The app was created by a Hamilton fan, Lukas Thoms, who saw the show and immediately decided that everyone else should get to, too.

It doesn’t tell you when the lottery is over (the Hamilton folks send you an email), so make sure to set your alarm for 4pm every day so you don’t miss the email. Because if you actually won tickets and forgot to claim them in time, you would have no choice but to Aaron Burr yourself.

The app just launched today. With any luck, the secret’s not out quite yet! Download it now and beat out all the other scatterbrained Hamilton hopefuls who might forget to sign up for the lottery this weekend.

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