Hallelujah! Google maps finally adds subway service changes

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Next we need an app that tells you which car is the stinky bum car.

From the “Why The Hell Did This Take So Long?” file, Google just announced it is adding subway service changes and alerts to Google Maps. Which means your smartphone-enabled city Jedi skills just got a lot more accurate, which means you might not get caught on a train at 3am only to find out it’s going local and will take 18 more hours than usual. Read more over at Gizmodo.

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  1. Google doesn’t seem to take these service advisories into account when giving you directions. Just did a direction search and it showed that there is a service change, but still told me to take the train with the service change, even though it’s skipping my station and warned that “This route has no service,” which does me little good. HopStop (www.hopstop.com) actually takes service changes into account when giving directions, and will provide an alternate route if there is a service change that affects your trip.

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