The Grand Prospect Hall beer garden is now open!

Now they make your drinks come true, too. via flickr user Matt Green
Now they make your drinks come true, too. via flickr user Matt Green

Well well, it’s a good day for beer. First the Heartland taproom, and now a Bavarian biergarten! According to South Slope news, Grand Prospect Hall will be opening a beer garden next to their mansion on Prospect Avenue. The Halkias, owners of Grand Prospect Hall (and erstwhile candidates for our new monarchy) were inspired by their Bavarian roots to renew the empty courtyard next to their spot and turn it into a regular feierhaus. Not only is this a great idea — it’s also a power play befitting the days leading up to Brokelyn’s coronation of our new King and Queen.

The Bavarian Biergarten (265 Prospect Avenue) can accommodate up to 1,000 people, South Slope reports, between a 500-person capacity outdoors an additional 500 inside a glass enclosure (air-conditioned!) in the middle of the garden. The bar will feature 24 taps with local New York state beers, as well as German imports and local wine varietals from Red Hook. The menu’s standard German fare, with a few vegetarian options in there.

This may be “a place where dreams come true,” but not for anyone under 21. The biergarten maintains a strict age policy for entry (makes sense, given the Hall’s sordid past as a speakeasy/den of earthly sins). Anyway, the garden will be open Tuesday through Sunday, and will remain open until 1am on Fridays and Saturdays! Boy, oh boy. I know where I’m spending the rest of my summer.

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