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The gym can wait, grab some tickets to the first ever NYC Donut Fest

We know you want this. Image via Carpe Donuts
We know you want this. Image via Carpe Donuts

We can see it now, you on the treadmill or the elliptical, or whatever other machines they have at the gym, we don’t know we never go. You walk out after a hard 20 minutes and then you see it, that window. The one with those round treats covered in frosting. You’re easily tempted and why wouldn’t you be? We’re spoiled with great donut options here. You fight it, but it’s no use. Before you even realize it your standing in front of a cashier whose handing you a bag of donuts. You take a bite. It’s delicious and you savor the enormous amounts of calories and sugar put into this wonderful circle of joy.

If this is you, someone who has an addiction to good donuts, well we’re here to help you with your addiction. Not by making you stop, but by putting you near as many donuts as possible. The first ever NYC Donut Fest is happening and instead of spending $35 on fruits and vegetables, how about you put that money into something you really want.

Brokelyn-Donut Fest-NYC-Williamsburg-Verboten
There goes your New Years Resolution. Image via Flickr user vnysia

The festival takes place on January 23, inside Verboten in Williamsburg and will showcase donuts from Carpe Donuts, Mike’s Donuts, Dun-well donuts and many more. If your favorite donuts shop partakes in the competition, you not only have the opportunity to enjoy your favorite donut, but get bragging rights if that donut shop wins over the judges. Besides arguing about pizza, coffee, sport teams and neighborhoods, who makes the best donut is also a debate that can get violent quickly (trust us, we know from personal experience). The gym will be there all year, if it makes you feel better you can run to the event deadlift people who are taking too long to make a selection. We won’t blame you.

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