Remember, remember: The Guy Fawkes Day party is for free-loving radicals

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Gunpowder, treason and mushy peas

Revolution is in the air these days (as well as some pheromones. And a hint of tear gas). So it seems like this year’s Guy Fawkes Day party at the Bell House Nov. 5 celebrating the infamous British conspirator might be a particularly rowdy one, especially since some occupiers got hassled for wearing those V for Vendetta masks. Not only is the second annual Fawkes party free, but it also includes free British snacks from Chip Shop and gift bags from Penguin including classic Brit lit for the first 60 guests. You don’t even have to threaten a government building and put yourself on a terrorist watch list to get in!

The party is Nov. 5 (as in: “remember remember the fifth of November”) from 10pm-4am in the front room of the Bell House in Gowanus. D.J. Ceremony (Oscillate Wildly, House of Commons) will be spinning Britpop hits, and there will be giveaways from the British music magazine Q, along with Pimm’s cups, gin and tonics, and other British bevvies. The gift bags include Shakespeare, Austen novels and other British classics.

And for anyone not read up on your 17th century terrorist alert levels, here’s the brief summary of the Gunpowder Plot:

In London, 1605, Guy Fawkes and his band of conspirators were foiled in their attempt to blow up English Parliament. Ever since, England has celebrated Guy Fawkes Day with bonfires, fireworks, late-night revelry and the rhyme:

Remember, remember the fifth of November 

Gunpowder, treason, and plot. 

I see no reason why gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot.

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