Groupon of the year: Hipster food tour of Williamsburg

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Look at this hungry hipster. via Groupon

Like we’ve said before, slap “hipster” on anything that’s otherwise normal, and baby, you’ve got a stew (of publicity) going. The people of Great New York Tours are aware of this, so lo and behold they put together a Hipster Food Tour that takes place in Williamsburg. You’re curious, aren’t you? Well now you can pretend you’re new here because a Groupon has cut the tour price in half from $50 to a more manageable $19.

Where will your culinarily adventurous tour guides take you? The Groupon site only lists a couple places, but the copy on the actual website has to be read to be believed, if you like jokes about PBR and American Spirits. You’ll go to Fornino, Handome Dan’s, Mable’s (don’t forget your beer book!), Brooklyn Oenology, “Bedford Cheese,” Bagelsmith and Mast Brothers. Which honestly, for nineteen bucks actually sounds like a decent deal.

Plus you get to go “hipster watching, ” but we don’t know if that’ll be too succesful of an endeavor.¬†Hasn’t anyone told these people that Williamsburg is only yuppies and rich people now? That all the hipsters have gone to Bushwick and Pitkin Avenue?

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