Group offers cash prizes for embracing vegetarianism. Finally

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What was that you were saying about plants not being alive?

Have you been thinking about no longer eating meat because you’ve come to the understanding that it’s ethically, morally and/or environmentally catastrophic? Think all of that but still can’t quite bring yourself to put down the cheeseburger? We get it, cheeseburgers are tasty. What if, though, someone gave you a chance at one thousand dollars to put down cheeseburgers, for  a month, like the North American Vegetarian Society is doing? Woah, don’t drop the all cheeseburgers at once.

To be perfectly clear, we’re not advocating people actually enter the strange, and apparently honor system-bound, contest that the NAVS is running to celebrate Vegetarian Awareness Month. We just find it very strange. But, if you really were going to pick a month to go veg, it may as well be this one, since if you weren’t a vegetarian to begin with, a one month pledge to embrace the herbivore life will make you eligible for a thousand dollar cash prize.

Once you make the pledge, no one sends monitors to your office or home to make sure you aren’t eating chicken without even thinking about it, and they don’t even check to see if you’re a vegetarian already.So if any of you vegans or vegetarians were looking for a way to finance eating all of this delicious vegan comfort food, just find some old pictures of you eating steak and change the dates they were added to Facebook, then sign the pledge and wait for your name to be picked.


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