Greenlight Books celebrating their 5th birthday with discounts, ‘oceans of prosecco’ this weekend

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Ain’t no party like a bookworm party cause a bookworm party is smart. via Facebook

It turns out that we weren’t the only ones celebrating the milestone of turning five this week. Reason to move to Fort Greene Greenlight Books is also having a big party to celebrate reaching kindergarten age this weekend, and we’re all invited. Well, everyone but you, Jeff Bezos, you stay far away from these good times. The rest of you, come buy some discounted books and drink wine!

Amazon can go screw, because there’s nothing like a your friendly neighborhood bookstore. Greenlight certainly fits under that designation, never more so than when they’re initing us all to a party. Saturday, October 18 is the official anniversary party itself, an all-day affair with both a kids party and an adults party, but since you’re not a kid we’d recommend going to the adult party at 7:30pm. Also because that’s the party where the book store is promising “oceans of prosecco,” prizes, music and surprises, which could be pretty much anything. Hell, even if they were only promising the oceans of prosecco it would be worth it.

If you can’t make the party, you can still celebrate with the store though, because they’re offering 20% off all purchases for the whole weekend. If you’re cool, you’ve had your eye on at least one book for a while, so here’s your chance to snag it for less.

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