Green job alert: coordinator for Brooklyn e-waste center

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The photo we run with every e-waste recycling story, courtesy of Lower East Side Ecology Center.

We know that applying for a job is probably the last thing on your mind this action-packed summer Friday night, but this is a good opportunity for you green techie types. The Lower East Side Ecology Center is looking for someone to figure out what to do with all those tube TVs and VHS players that get dumped daily at the newish Gowanus e-waste recycling center. Official responsibilities for the reuse coordinator:

• Leading the effort to evaluate the reuse potential of incoming electronic waste materials (computers, printers, TVs, wires/cables, etc.) and triage those materials as necessary.

• Receiving, sorting, and inventorying materials for reuse and recycling

• Developing intake, evaluation, and refurbishing procedures and training others on those procedures

• Ensuring that reused materials are fully functional and making them available in the retail store

• Communicating with the public regarding program and reuse procedures

• Overseeing all reuse activities in the warehouse, including volunteer programs, workshops, and staff

• Maintaining orderly, safe, and secure workstations

• Performing data destruction on applicable materials and ensuring security of all materials

• Maintaining accurate records of program participation and flow of materials

• Working with Ecology Center staff on various tasks relating to overall electronic waste reuse and recycling program operations

Warning: this position requires “sound judgment” among many other skills and talents. Find out if you’re qualified and what to do about it here.


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  1. We’re reading the responsibilities, and we want to push for whoever lands this position to get a name change for that position. We’re reading something more like a manager or director as opposed to a coordinator. In the non-profit world, position names are incredibly key, and we’re seeing responsibilities involving (identity) theft prevention, Level 2+ Help Desk IT, HR, and materials management. If you’re really ambitious, wait for another reuse program to be introduced to the NYC area next year, with support from Microsoft and Best Buy.

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