Permanent e-waste dropoff site for Brooklyn

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Good news, keepers of geriatric laptops, fax machines and cell phones — there’s going to be a permanent e-waste dropoff spot in Gowanus, thanks to the Lower East Side Ecology Center, those great people who have been doing roving events around Brooklyn.  You may have thought that the Gowanus was already an e-waste dropoff spot (dada ching!) but starting Jan. 31, you’ll be able to bring your unwanted electronics to a new warehouse at 469 President St. at Nevins, Mondays through Saturdays. Full hours here, and full list of recyclables here. There’s also a launch par-tay at the warehouse on Sat. Feb. 4 from noon to 4 where you can enjoy refreshments while finding what becomes of your orphaned Razr phone and 56K modems.

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  1. The Fixers Collective ( and the Proteus Gowanus gallery are also just a block away on the corner of Union and Nevins!

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