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What is so great about the $500 pan you can win at the Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance?

Pierre Vergnes Saute Pan
It’s even signed! We mean, they’re all signed, but uh, hey, that’s gotta be worth something. Photo by Kenji Magrann-Wells

At the Brokelyn High Homecoming Dance that is rapidly approaching, there will be fun and games, large organized communities playing music, a talk show host, cheap beer and Brokelyn writers of notoriously little moral fiber. But that doesn’t matter. No, you didn’t come here to make friends (although you could and it would be a very great idea); you came to win a raffle. Yes, there are all sorts of amazing prizes available to win at the raffle this year, where two small dollars could get get you a very large bike, some tickets to some amazing shows, the definition of art and many other prizes. I, personally, would be playing for the $500 Pierre Vergnes Saute Pan though, courtesy of Brooklyn Kitchen.

This pan is the Italian sports car of the pot-and-pan world, meaning that it is insanely expensive and built by an insanely dedicated European, Pierre Vergnes, a Frenchman who has been making pots and pans for decades with old-school methods and getting pretty good results with them. In fact, these pans are huge in the vintage world, considering they can last longer than most sea turtles (in other words, you’ll be passing this on to your children). Yes, the price tag is a little insane and normally would only be on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Arbor Day wish list, but now you can have it for next to nothing!  The pan is tin-lined and copper-plated, giving it the ability to heat and cool incredibly quickly and precisely, which is why chefs are usually willing to commit several felonies to get their hands on one. From a purely superficial note, they are also incredibly beautiful. Seriously, you can win Pinterest in like an hour with one of these bad boys.

Basically, the pan is $500 for all of the classic reasons things are expensive: amazing quality, perfect design and it’s made by a Frenchman who drinks red wine and lives longer than you. However, the twist on this specific pan is that we’ll give it to you for a piece of paper with numbers on it! But specific numbers. It’s a raffle, not chaos, after all. This is kind of the culinary equivalent of winning a Ferrari, which would be somewhat impractical in the distant future, but you’ve still always wanted a Ferrari, haven’t you?

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