Crawl along Grand St. for cheap booze

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Someone's excited for Saturday.

If the bagpipes and green beer/vomit are calling out to you this Saturday, but you’re looking to avoid the general mess of a Manhattan St. Patty’s Day celebration, you can keep it a local with the inaugural Grand Street Pub Crawl in East Williamsburg. The event, running from 4pm-8pm, is being thrown by the Grand Street Business Improvement District in partnership with nine bars along Grand Street, all of which are offering food and drink specials: free BBQ at Bushwick Country Club, a meal of four Irish whiskeys, Guinness and Irish Cheddar at Huckleberry Bar and other cheap beers/booze/corned beefs. The bars are all on three avenue blocks on Grand Street, requiring only that you are able to walk in a straight line without getting hit by a car. 

The participating establishments represent the variety of fare you’d find walking on any major thoroughfare with a lot of bars, from the divey Second Chance Saloon to gastro-pub The Saint Austere. The specials don’t seem too bad, either, with free barbecue, reduced-price traditional Irish eats, and beer-and-a-shot deals.

First 20 crawlers at any of the venues will get a free limited edition T-shirt, which should help you piece the rest of the night together the next morning. With free specials clustered so close together, this might be the only Saturday that you won’t hear people complaining that the L isn’t running.

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