Gowanus Night Bazaar nixed after local opposition

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Not coming to Gowanus: this

Hope you didn’t get too excited when you saw our previous story about the possibility of the Williamsburg Night Bazaar heading south to Gowanus. It sounded like a plan that could be fun in theory, but obviously was going to rile up local opposition, what with the attempt at getting a liquor license and the rumored four or five thousand people showing up each weekend. And lo and behold, organizer Aaron Broudo has pulled out after said opposition, leaving seekers of artisanal Brooklyn goods wandering the streets in vain, unsure of where to find them.

The Brooklyn Paper reports that after a Change.org petition warned of thousands of drunken, screaming bazaar customers lurching through the streets looking for fun Broudo decided to look for other venues to hold a summer version of the winter shopping fest. Broudo disputed the idea that the bazaar would have brought ruin in the neighborhood, since he apparently planned to install bike parking and have security and clean up crews, but gave up in the face of heavy neighborhood opposition. Which is maybe for the best, since as we all know, the summer is a great time for people to maturely and rationally deal with simmering resentments related to noise, trash and community outsiders. There’s no word on where Broudo is trying to set up shop now, but we’re sure civic associations already have their online petitions against a proposed bazaar drafted and waiting.

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