Bazaar-o: Night Bazaar creator looks towards Gowanus

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Like this, but outdoors. And with more heavy metals in the air

The Brooklyn Night Bazaar is a ton of fun, what with all the shopping options and the music and the stuffing your face. The only downside? It’s in the winter, so you’re freaking freezing on the way over there and then everyone is all bundled up once they’re inside, which is decidedly unsexy. Summer, with the sweating and the lack of appropriate clothing is way better for things being sexy. And the creators of the Night Bazaar, recognizing that, are trying to expand their operation to Gowanus for the summer.

Pardon Me For Asking got word that Aaron Broudo, mastermind the Night Nazaar, has stated his intentions to Community Board 6 to make an honest space out of an empty lot to apply for an outdoor liquor license that would cover a Gowanus edition of the Bazaar. Rumor mongering has already begun, to the tune that instead of the 600 people per night showing up like the application says, there will actually be 4,000 to 5,000 people showing up. Well, what’s a 3,400 to 4,000 person attendance difference between friends? If you live in Gowanus and want to shake your fist either in support of or against the bazaar, keep all that rage pent up until the next CB6 meeting on April 22, at 6:30pm at the Old First Reformed Church, 729 Carroll Street.

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