Government shutdown perfect marketing opportunity for creepy sugar daddy website

Hope you idiots are happy
Hope you idiots are happy

The government shutdown is going about as expected. Which is to say, everyone in America is suffering in one way or another from it, except of course the assholes who caused it. Kids can’t get cancer trials, vets can’t go to memorials, even a crapload of government websites don’t work. Sadly, one website that does work is sugar daddy website And, because we live in a rapidly unfolding nightmare, they’ve used the occasion of the shutdown to crow that even more women are turning to sugar daddies to help find success. 

In the most cynical usage of the “you didn’t build that” line, since well, the last election, SeekingArrangements sent out a press release using the quote to say that sugar daddies are helping the less fortunate among us.

“Obama once said, ‘Successful Americans do want to give something back, and no one finds success on their own. You didn’t build that, someone gave you help along they way.’- someone like a sugar daddy,” says Brandon Wade, Founder and CEO of

According to the SeekingArrangements press release, since the last week of September their site has seen its biggest jump in sign ups since March. And of those almost 14,000 women who signed up, 56 percent of them were single mothers. See? Sugar daddies are just providing help along the way.

Yes think of sugar daddies as a creepy sexually-tinged replacement for essential government services like food stamps, WIC, HeadStart and health care. And secondary education too, we guess, since clearly we need all the government money for defense contractors and  Medicare, the socialized medicine that Republicans don’t hate. Let’s start using “women turning to sugar daddies” as an economic indicator. At the very least, it will let us preserve information like this for future generations, when they wonder what things were like before they had to live underneath an irradiated wasteland.

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