Depressing trend alert: Women turning to sugar daddies to pay for college

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Oh right, of course

College, as we all know, is expensive. If you’re thinking of having kids, don’t do it, at least if you plan on sending them to college. Because we’re at the point where an increasing amount of women are deciding a good option for paying for colleges are to grab themselves a sugar daddy and just hope the four years of education go really really fast.

The Village Voice shares the results of a survey conducted by, a totally normal website that sets up sugar daddies with sugar babies. According to SeekingArrangements, 861 NYU students and 331 Columbia students were registered as sugar babies on the site. To be fair, that’s a small percentage of the student body at each college. But it’s also an increase from 534 and 243 students in each school, the numbers that were found in a survey previously done in January.

So cool, an additional 500 NYU students figure that turning to old men who lust after them is a good way to pay for the insane costs of college. Clearly this deserves a well-reasoned and mature discussion on what to do about college costs, so we’ll start with what we think is a simple idea: jail all college administrators and their political stooges who allow a system like this to continue unabated, and throw open the gates of elite universities for free.

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