Gothamist lives: Public radio stations resurrect murdered news site

As media continues to implode, some great news brightens the hellscape: Beloved New York news source Gothamist (which was shutdown in an act of union bashing by the site’s short-time owner, billionaire Joe Ricketts, back in November) is now part of WNYC and will be coming back this spring.

Wired had the scoop, reporting that, “a consortium of public radio stations, including WNYC in New York, WAMU in Washington DC, and KPCC in Southern California,” banded together to revive the dead local news outlet, as well its sister sites LAist, DCist, and DNAinfo. The deal, Wired reported, was significantly driven by Gothamist’s founders, Jake Dobkin and Jen Chung, “and is being funded by two anonymous donors who have contributed an undisclosed sum to acquire the brands.”

Gothamist will being producing new content in the spring.

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