Got spirit? Try out to be a Gotham Girl Roller Derby jeerleader this weekend!

roller derby jeer leaders
They’ve got spirit, how about you? via Facebook

So you read about what it’s like to try out to be a Brooklynette, and you decided it’s not for you. But you still have so much excess spirit in you all the time! You could dull it with drugs and alcohol, but you could also try out to be a different kind of cheerleader this weekend. One who wears fishnets and¬†causes a ruckus. If that’s the kind of thing that might sound up your alley, you should try out to be a Gotham Girl Roller Derby jeerleader on Sunday. If not that, we just don’t know what you can do with that extra cheer you have.

Despite their name, jeerleaders don’t taunt the other roller derby team during matches, as fun as that sounds like it would be. Instead, they do your typical cheerleader thing, like performing during halftime and welcoming the crowd to matches. All you need to fit the requirements of a jeer girl are a little bit of dance experience and lot of love for roller derby. And really, who doesn’t love the roller derby?

So if you’ve got those two requirements down pat, and you’ve got $5 to spare (they’ve gotta cover the cost of renting the tryout space), shoot and email to¬†ggrdjeerleaders [AT] gmail.com, and they’ll give you the address. What else are you gonna at 1pm on a Sunday? Your hangover should be mostly done by then, especially if you’ve got as much spirit as you say.

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