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GoogaMooga: More tickets on Tuesday, music lineup soon!

The Great Googamooga is doing a great amount of advertising. Photo by Rachel DeLetto.

Start fasting now folks; The Great GoogaMooga quickly approaches. By now you’ve most likely heard about this free two-day food/booze/music extravaganza descending upon Prospect Park’s Nethermead Meadow the weekend of May 19-20 either via the Brooklyn blogosphere or these subway ads. A few appetite inducing updates to report: Most importantly, tickets: If you made it through the ticket gauntlet on the first go-round, you should have received an email containing four ticket registration codes a few weeks back. Reminder that these codes must be redeemed by Friday (April 20) (instructions for registration provided in email). Any unregistered codes will be recycled back into the General Admission ticket pool, a second round of which will be made available on Tuesday (April 24). But if you got early registration, you get to invite three friends.

Music: Tune in on Monday, April 23 for the official lineup announcement (finally)! And there’s more:

The event is really more about spotlighting the Brooklyn/NYC foodie scene, but we have a feeling Superfly Presents has some pretty rad audible entertainment in store for us too. There will be two stages with ten acts per day. No word yet on whether it will be same lineup each day.

Food/Booze: The GoogaMooga folks have been dropping tasty teasers the past few weeks with updates to the already massive food and beverage purveyors list and what the on-site “experience” will be like in Prospect Park. You know how sometimes you walk down one of the main Brooklyn restaurant drags and are like “Oh, we have to eat here! And here! And here!”? This will be like that, except all in one place. New additions to the already massive food vendor list include the highly anticipated Pok Pok Wings. It’s going to be a gluttonous marathon; wear stretchy pants people.

In addition, the grounds will also offer themed food and drink experience pavilions, such as the UrBARN which will highlight the importance of eating locally and sustainable resources and Restaurant 101 which will produce seminars and workshops on how to turn a passion for food into a career.  I’ll be at the Oktoberfest-themed Beer Pavilion if anyone’s looking for me.

Extra Mooga festival-within-the-festival for the 1 percent: The VIP lineup is tempting me to spend almost an entire week’s unemployment on the all-access ticket ($249). Besides the fact that my silver fox crush Anthony Bourdain will be mingling around the segregated fancy section of the grounds (map), the separate entrance alone might be worth paying for. The entrance fee includes all you can eat and drink, and gets you accessto  a DJ set by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, an appearance by Aziz Ansari and a live version Marc Maron’s uber-popular WTF popdcast.

Some other offerings worth the splurge include “Liquid Brunch: The Art of Daytime Drinking” (w Julie Reiner of Clover Club), “Whole Fish Breakdown” with Masaharu Morimoto, a very special edition of “Hot Tub” with Brooklyn’s own Kurt Braunohler & Kristen Schaal, and something called “BLUE RIBBON FRIED CHICKEN PARTY”??!! I have no idea what this is, but I want to go to there. Also, don’t forget that GA tickets are pay-as-you-go for food and booze. Extra Mooga tickets are all inclusive, so if you plan to seriously splurge, it’s really a pretty good deal.

No word on whether they’ll have puke and rally stations to make room for all the food you’ll want to shove in your pie hole.

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