Googa mega-fail means discounts from Googa vendors

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Still worth it. (via Facebook)

GoogaMooga’s washout yesterday might have put a snag in your Sunday plans, but the festival’s cancellation was a real killer for the food vendors, many of whom lost upwards of $10,ooo in revenue and prep expenditures. It’s tough to get a small eatery off the ground here, and even tougher to survive as one, so if you’re dining out today, consider hitting up one of the 85 restaurants, bakeries and food trucks who got hit. And as an added incentive, a few are offering special deals:

Red Hook Lobster Pound


Do or Dine

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Take cover here and wait until the coast is clear, AKA the sales have ended.


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We honor today's exciting news that cars will be exiled from the park with a roundup of other good local news from this year.


We know you can't hear us in your paddy wagon, cow, but you did wonders for today's news cycle.


  1. Firstly, the prices that they are now offering should have been the prices at the Elitist Over-The-Top Googa Mooga. Secondly, hitting up one of the 85 restaurants, bakeries and food trucks is way better — you get to seat down and be served with atmosphere — or one to try those restaurants/bakeries ‘s food, and get more for one’s buck.

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