The Great GoogaCanceled [UPDATE – Drink tix are being refunded]

Not even umbrellas will save you today. Photo by Mary Dorn
Not even umbrellas will save you today. Photo by Mary Dorn

So, if you’re just waking up, the news from Prospect Park is bad for anyone who wanted to stuff themselves stupid. Due to safety issues and a desire to not do damage to the park, GoogaMooga’s second day has been canceled. So you can now begin theorizing on whether or not the festival is cursed. The word from the organizers is that any VIP tickets will be refunded. But, for those of you with leftover drink tickets, as of now, the organizers said they haven’t figured out whether or not people will be reimbursed. We’ll update the situation as we get more information. In the meantime, we’ve all learned another lesson about keeping an eye on automatic emails.

UPDATE I: Drink ticket refunds. They’re happening.

So, the word just came in that unused drink tickets WILL be refunded. If you have some left over and want your money back, here’s what you’ll have to do:

Send an envelope by June 17 to:

Great GoogaMooga
ATTN: Ticket Reimbusments
25 East 21st Street
10th Floor
New York, NY 10010

The envelope should contain:

Unused beer/wine pavilion drink tickets
A copy of your receipt/confirmation email or PDF ticket to Sunday’s event
The address of refund recipient

UPDATE II: Vendor refunds. Seems like they’re happening

GoogaMooga has released a statement on vendor losses:

“GoogaMooga is all about supporting local businesses and our intention is to do right by each vendor. In the coming days, we will be sitting down with all our partners to find financial solutions.”

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