Good enough at trivia to do it for one million seconds? NBC wants you

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Wipe that smile off Seacrest’s face by winning all the money. via Facebook

Brooklyn is more or less made of trivia events, being that it’s a place where everyone thinks they’re so damn smart. But aren’t you tired of using your trivia skills to win bar tabs, the envy of your fellow man and cheap meaningless post-trivia sex? Well, OK, probably not. But even if you’re not sick of that, maybe you want more from your trivia mastery. NBC is looking for sacrificial lambs contestants for their new quiz show, Million Second Quiz, and that contestant could be you if you go to their open casting call on Saturday August 24. Are you a bad enough dude?

Hopefully you know what that’s in reference to, because this show will allegedly cover everything under the trivia sun, and hey, obscure Nintendo games are under that sun. If you want in, first ask yourself if you could withstand doing literally one million seconds of trivia. Then ask yourself if you could do all that live in a three-story glass box in the middle of Manhattan. Then ask yourself if you could do that while Ryan Seacrest does his whole Ryan Seacrest-y thing in your ear the entire time you’re doing it. Don’t worry, you win a crapton of money.

If you answered yes to all of that, then fill out this application and bring it to the casting call on the August 24 at 10am at Rockefeller Center, along with a photo of yourself looking all ready for Hollywood. Don’t worry, they also want you to take a quiz, so there’s at least a little skill involved in getting picked. This being an NBC show, the application appears to be looking for interesting people with heart-rending/dramatic stories, so don’t lie, but maybe fudge things a little bit? Because why should some yutz get your rightful trivia crown?

UPDATE: As pointed out by the friendly folks at TrivWorks, you can also avoid the crowds of Manhattan and still try out for the show by showing up to their Disalmanac Night of trivia at the Bell House on Thursday, August 22.

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